Finally, an alternative! Jehovah’s Witnesses are granted with a conscientious service

  Two of the 20 Jehovah’s Witnesses released from prison and embarked on alternative service at Norqi tun (‘House of Nork’) Senior Home mind of the elderly and work at construction sites. ‘Our kids are very helpful; they do anything you could imagine, they have cleaned all the surroundings, very good guys,’ says the Senior […]

Religious actors as targets of harassment, ‘Cut it or break it, my roots are in heaven’

The meaning of life and happiness of two actors has become a target of harassment and assault for reactionary groups and media. Actors of different generations Anna Elbakyan and Arsen Grigoryan are members of “Rema” Church of Evangelical faith. Seceded from Armenian Pentacostal church, Rema was established in 2000. It was legally registered in 2006. […]

Ter-Petrosyan’s government was the most austere: the freedom of conscience granted by the three presidents

Evaluating the state of freedom of confession in Armenia during the past 23 years the theologians and experts on freedom of conscience declare that the worst period for the religious groups was during the first president Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s office. The second president Robert Kocharyan’s office period is considered  relatively peaceful and tolerant. And Serzh Sarksyan’s […]

A Scientific Research Failed For Religious Motives: The Church Intervenes into Science

The former lecturer at Pedagogical University is not planning to defend her thesis once again; she is convinced that the Scientific Council is not judging by the concepts covered in the latter but by her religious belief because the authorities at Armenian Apostolic Church have interfered in the work of the Council. “Of this I’ve […]

Double Baptism as a Reason of Interchurch Conflict

Trying to create an atmosphere of solidarity Armenian Evangelic churches often call the Armenian Apostolic Church “Mother Church” or “Sister Church”. Whereas Armenian Apostolic Church never calls them “Sister churches”; at the same time it often blames the latter in baptizing the people who have already received their baptism. And the Evangelicals try to deny […]

The Krishna: Those Who Endured the Difficulties

20 years later, in September of 2013, the Krishna again performed ‘Hare Naam’, when reciting the Hare Krishna Mantra, beating drums and cymbals, they walk in public places. They walked in Abovian street, went down to the square and walked beside the lake four times.  The procession was authorized by the Municipality. Hare naam is […]